Who We Are


Sami Taşocak

Tekaydinlar's journey started in 1996 , when SAMI TAŞOCAK started working as an apprentice in the bus bodybuilding industry.

After 30 years of experience , TEKAYDINLAR MINIBUS DESIGN was founded in 1998 .

Our company's line of buisness kept growing day by day and after the second generation TAŞOCAK joined the company in 2013, Tekaydinlar has become much stronger than before.

With the first IVECO CHASSIS vehicle manufacturing and after obtaining the homologation certificate in 2014, we had the opportunity to exhibit our vehicles and participate in our first international fair in 2015.

While we initially had a working area of 250 m2, we increased our capacity to 350 vehicles per year by reaching a working area of 1,000 m2 in 2014, 6,000 m2 in 2016, and 14,000 m2 in 2019.

Our journey had many important milestones :

-  During the world cup of qatar 2022 , TEKAYDINLAR partnerd up with the dealer of mercedes in Qatar and delivered 50 citybuses to support the transport of the fans during the world cup. These vehicles are now used for local transport of qatari citizens.

- TEKAYDINLAR’s new model ICARO has won the reward of MICROBUS of the year 2023 in spain. This model continues to be one of TEKAYDINLAR's best sellers vehicle.

- Along with many new projects, patents and award winning designs , TEKAYDINLAR was able to receive the title of R&D  center and achieve one of  our goals of entering the world of electric vehicles and mobility. As of 2023, our R&D center is approved by the ministry of industry.

- Among the last fıve years , and with the support of our partners , TEKAYDINLAR  has won many tenders in different countries : İsrael , Poland , France ,  Germany...

Today TEKAYDINLAR  is developping and entering the digital world .A full digitalization in all our processes, from vehicle orders to warehouse management, from production planning to quality control processes, a more measurable and predictable production will soon be part of our company.

In order to achieve our customer’s requests and demands , our company is relying on a comittment team of employees . One of the best quality of our team is its diversity , along  with our production workers and Foreman , our engineering team is consisting of 21 hardworking engineers either in : Mechanical, Mechatronics, Electrical and Electronics, Computer and Chemical Engineers as well as a multidisciplinary technical team such as Software, Design, Metal, Construction, Machinery and Electrical Technology.

As an important part of the customer’s satisfaction and the communication established between the company and the client , our export team consists of strong members with strong language skills and ability to deal with different situations.

Today , Tekaydinlar is one of the leading companies in the Automotive sector of Turkey , exporting 100 % to 26 different countries on 4 continents : Europe, Middle East , America and North Africa.

Our Journey still goes on , TEKAYDINLAR ‘s projects and achievements will keep on developping and our team will continue to improve and achieve new goals . With open minded management , hard working and perserving teams  , we intend to continue our focus on our product development , expand our sales network and enhance our production processes .


Sami Taşocak started his business life as an apprentice


Tekaydınlar Minibus Design was established


He accelerated his work with the participation of the second-generation TAŞOCAK family.


While we had a 250m2 working area in the beginning, it expanded to 1,000m2 in 2014.


6,000m2 in 2016


14,000m2 in 2019


50 citybuses carrying the FIFA Delegation at the QATAR World Cup


R&D Team was established


As of May, we have accelerated our work as TEKAYDINLAR R&D Center, approved by the Ministry of Industry.