Tekaydınlar Minibus Design

Tekaydinlar Automotive and Minibus Design was founded by Mr. Sami Tasocak in 1996. His aim was to bring his 30 years experience  into the  business that he had since 1966 when he started to work as an intern in the industry.

In 1996, the Workshop of Tekaydinlar Minibus Design was 250 m2 and in this place, he had accomplished numerous different projects that was including double-decker buses,midibuses, minibuses and so on. After 1999, Mr.Tasocak had decided to focus on minibus conversion & bodybuilding business and, from Iceland to South Korea he produced many minibuses for different countries of the World.

Second generation of Tasocak family joined to the company in 2013 and with the harmony of experience, new generation’s vision and contemporary sense of ideas,Tekaydinlar Minibus Design has grown %100 every year.

In 2014, The Company moved a new 1000 m2 factory and, in order to rise the capacity and improve quality, the factory was moved again in 2016 to a 6000 m2 place (4000 m2 production area). In these period of time, finding reliable, long-term partners was one of the most important things in success.

The Works of Tekaydinlar Automotive and Minibus Design have been %100 Export over decades. Therefore, We produce all minibuses according to European Standarts and Regulations. Moreover, The staff and the administration know very well how to make clients happy by satisfying their expectations in high quality.This happiness is the core of sense of quality in Tekaydinlar Minibus Design.