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How We Do It?

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Our R&D Center serves as the pioneer of the vehicle world.

With our expertise in stage 2 vehicle production, we offer solutions to increase the performance and efficiency of your vehicles.

Meet our innovative solutions integrated into your vehicles by collaborating with the industry's leading superstructure manufacturers.

With our knowledge in the field of R&D, we perfect every detail and prepare you for the future of transportation.

Discover with us and shape the transportation of the future!

How Do We Know?

Our company, whose roots date back to 1966, is known internationally for its leadership and innovative approach to vehicle production.

Focusing on stage 2 vehicle production, our company has specialized in producing vehicles of leading brands such as Man, Iveco, and Mercedes for years.

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Present and Future

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We aim to be a leading company in the mobility world of the future with a customer-centered, environmentally friendly, and technology-integrated vision.

We want to be recognized as a sustainable and innovative brand that sets mobility standards around the world with our intercity buses, minibusses, and midibuses.

By approaching society's transportation needs with sensitivity, we work determinedly to gain the trust of our customers and maintain our leadership in the sector.